"A Very Merry Classic TV Holiday Event"

"A Very Merry Classic TV Holiday Event"
...December 3rd at the Burbank Barnes & Noble!

Friday, November 20, 2015

"Lucy" Night is super success!

What an amazing LUCY night - last night at the Burbank Barnes & Noble.
Thank you to Thomas J WatsonMichael Stern, Frank Gorey, and Jimmy Garrett, who delighted us with a surprise guest appearance!
Each of these gentlemen played and continue to play such an important part in the beloved legacy of the one and only Lucille Ball.
I and all who attended the festivities last night were honored to be in their presence.
Mr. Watson, with his precise and encyclopedic knowledge, wisdom, and insight into all of Ms. Ball's television productions, films and stage productions (along with this technical expertise in producing so many pristine "Lucy" DVDs, as well as his astounding contributions to the CBS prime-time color specials of "I Love Lucy") ...Mr. Stern's near-life-long dedication to Ms. Ball's entire life and career...Mr. Gorey's loyal and trusted service as one of Ms. Ball's closest colleagues...and Mr. Garrett's talented and amiable presence on "The Lucy Show" (on which he played Lucy's young son with such likable precision)....each of them brought to the evening their own unique contributions that will remain cherished and appreciated forever by way of Lucille Ball and beyond.
A very special thank you as well to:
Rick Carl for loaning to the event his amazing portraits of Lucille Ball (representing "I Love Lucy, "The Lucy Show," and "Here's Lucy")
* Media historian, and top-level Lucy fan, Rob Ray, who is on the Board of Directors for the Classic TV Preservation Society
* The dedicated and loyal Elaine Ballace and Oreo, whose beautiful and shining presence and enthusiasm for the "Throwback Thursdays" events always adds the perfect balance of sparkle and intelligence
Diane Sands Brooks, Community Relations Manager for the Burbank Barnes & Noble, and without whom LUCY Night - or any "Throwback Thursday" would not be possible.
Blessings and deepest gratitude to you all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

CTVPS salutes the one & only LUCILLE BALL

The Classic TV Preservation Society and Barnes & Noble present…
The “Lucy” Show - Thursday, November 19th – from 7 to 9 PM
A special “Throwback Thursday” night – hosted by Herbie J Pilato

With special guests:  Thomas Watson and Michael Stern

731 N. San Fernando Blvd.  Burbank, CA  

Beautiful message from Barry Livingston about Charlie Sheen

The Classic TV Preservation Society salutes actor Barry Livingston, best known as little Ernie from the classic TV show, "My Three Sons," who posted on his Facebook page this compassionate message about Charlie Sheen

"People always hear about Charlie's destructive behavior. What hasn't got a lot of press is the help he's given to friends: paying med bills, buying cars for those without, paying for college for kids of crew. To be clear, my praise of Charlie's generosity is not meant to exonerate his reckless behavior. Please do not to confuse the two or rush to judgement with all kinds of 'what-ifs.' Only trying to send out some positivity, folks. Peace and Prayers for a friend." 

 - Barry Livingston

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Seinfeld" writer Lawrence H. Levy - this week on "Throwback Thursdays" at the Burbank B&N

This Thursday night:  November 12th - from 7 to 9 PM:

Lawrence H. Levy is the special guest for "Throwback Thursday" at the Burbank Barnes and Noble.

Mr. Levy will discuss his vast TV writing career (including Seinfeld!), and also discuss and sign copies of his new mystery novel, Second Street Nation.

Details below!  Come join us!

Burbank Barnes & Noble (across from IKEA)
731 N. San Fernando Road
Burbank, CA
(818) 558-1383

Lawrence H. Levy is a two-time Emmy nominee and a WGA Award winner for SEINFELD.  His credits include SEINFELD, ROSEANNE, FAMILY TIES, SAVED BY THE BELL… and the list goes on.  Mr. Levy has also written for hour shows like SEVENTH HEAVEN, SAVANNAH, TRAPPER JOHN, and many more.  He has run animation shows and has sold features to Columbia and Disney. Needless to say, he has had a very eclectic career and has just started on a new chapter. His first novel, SECOND STREET STATION, was published by Random House/Broadway Books this year. It is an historical fictional mystery based on a real story about a young woman, Mary Handley. During the late 1800’s when there were no policewomen, she was asked by the Brooklyn Police Department to help sleuth a high profile murder. During her investigation, she comes upon Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, J.P. Morgan, the inventor of Coca-Cola, etc, all of whom are suspects and about whom certain interesting, little known facts are revealed. His second book in the Mary Handley series, BROOKLYN ON FIRE, will be out on January 19th

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

This week: "A Royal Night of Classic TV Writing Kings"

This Throwback Thursday:

Sam Bobrick

Ed Scharlach

Arnie Kogen

Each writer legends of classic television.

At the Burbank Barnes & Noble

731 N. San Fernando Blvd.

7 to 9 PM.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Throwback Thursday" Updates for the Burbank Barnes & Noble!

Thanks so much to Ron Dante and his astounding live performance of "Sugar, Sugar" last week at the Burbank Barnes & Noble!

Next week:  DAWN WELLS, "Mary Ann" from "Gilligan's Island" will sign and discuss copies of her new book, WHAT WOULD MARY ANN DO?: A GUIDE TO LIFE!

And remember to save this date:  Thursday, December 3rd for "A VERY MERRY CLASSIC TV HOLIDAY EVENT" - hosted by Herbie J Pilato and CARYN RICHMAN (star of "The New Gidget" and "The Bradys")

Friday, September 18, 2015

"Happy Days" star ANSON WILLIAMS @ Burbank Barnes & Noble, 9/24:

Iconic TV actor/director Anson Williams, best known as “Potsie” from the legendary hit, “Happy Days,” will appear at the Burbank Barnes & Noble , September 24th, to sign and discuss copies of his new book, SINGING TO A BULLDOG: FROM “HAPPY DAYS” TO HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR, AND THE UNLIKELY MENTOR WHO GOT ME THERE.
Festivities begin at 7:00 PM.
Contact:  Herbie J Pilato, Founder of the Classic TV Preservation Society, for more information.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

GLORIA LORING appears at the Burbank Barnes & Noble Media Center - September 17th

“Innovative and rewarding.”  That’s how legendary actor Peter Mark Richman describes Throwback Thursdays at the Burbank Barnes & Noble.  Ed Spielman, creator of Kung Fu, adds, “It was an honor to participate.”  Writer/producer Joel Eisenberg calls the festivities, “Historically important.”  Actress Cindy Williams heralds, “It’s a fun ride down memory lane,” while Lydia Cornell calls the unique live events “heart-warming and life-changing.”
This week’s special guest actress/singer-songwriter GLORIA LORING, the star of TV’s Days of Our Lives (among countless other shows) who will discuss and sign copies of her top-selling book, COINCIDENCE IS GOD’S WAY OF REMAINING ANONYMOUS. The Classic TV icon (who composed the themes for Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life) will also perform.
Throwback Thursdays – with Herbie J Pilato…where the past and present TV, film, & publishing, and positive-thought communities mix, mingle & meet - every week from 7-9 PM @ the Burbank Barnes & Noble.

Come share the experience and be inspired!

Barnes and Noble Media Center
731 N. San Fernando Blvd.   *   Burbank, CA  91502
(818) 558-1383

The Classic TV Preservation Society:  (310) 480-0067   *   classictvps@gmaill.com